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23rd November 2017Leigh Ashton
sales winner

There are so many factors that determine whether you’re going to get a sale: did you build rapport with your prospect; did you listen more than you talked; did you ask the right questions; did you offer up innovative ideas or new perspectives; did you present a compelling ROI? However, behind every sales technique lies the most important element when it comes to closing a sale: the right mindset.

Do you have a winner’s mindset? 

We all have our moments when doubts creep in and we feel like winning is just out of reach.


Let’s look at how to channel our inner winner

Try to remember a time when you truly felt like a winner. Was it when you passed your driving test? Maybe smashed your high school maths exam (even though you never thought you would!)? Or was it when you landed your first job? Think about how you felt in that moment and hold on to that feeling. Did you feel powerful? Elated? Invincible? Take a moment to write down your winner’s emotions.


Congrats! You’re officially a winner 

Now, the next time you’re talking to a customer, remind yourself of these feelings. Don’t wait until you’ve closed the sale, channel these emotions at the very start of your conversation. You’re already thinking and talking like a winner, regardless of the outcome.


Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins too

The big wins are great — we’re the first to admit that nothing can beat the joy of closing a sale. However, don’t forget that every step along the way counts as a win too. Having the confidence to attend a networking event, building a relationship with a new customer on social media, or picking up the phone to make a sales call, are all hugely important to the overall sales picture. Every time you take action, you’re a winner.


Win or lose? It’s up to you!

Think, talk, walk a winner and that’s exactly what you’ll become. Keep working on your winner’s mindset and you’ll ooze the type of positivity and confidence that will attract the right kind of customers and increase your sales.

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Until next time,

Leigh xx


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