What’s The GAP? How To Know Whether A Customer Is Ready To Buy

A simple strategy to help you know when to close — and when to walk away!

14th December 2017Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills

Sometimes it’s obvious when a customer is ready to buy; they’re smiling and nodding in the right places, they’re asking the right questions and you can practically see them getting ready to say YES! 

At other times, it’s far less clear. They may be saying the right things but when it comes to the crunch, you find out they’ve just been going through the motions, afraid to say they’re not interested, not wanting to offend. Other prospects are simply impossible to read! 

Today’s video offers a brilliant strategy to help you eliminate the guessing games. Using a few simple sentences, you’ll be able to find out where your prospect is on the ‘ready to buy’ scale, and exactly how to close the gap. 

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2 Responses to “What’s The GAP? How To Know Whether A Customer Is Ready To Buy”

  1. Colin Kirby

    10/10. A great tip and one I have used to good effect. Try it yourself. It has never caused awkwardness or embarrassment as it helps your prospective customer to see where they are in the process.


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