How To Use Facebook Live To Support Your Sales

Been shying away from going live? This might just change your mind…

12th October 2017Leigh Ashton

Quick question: if you had a chance to sit down and have a quick, one on one conversation with the people in your network, how do you think that would ultimately impact your sales?

Pretty positively, right? After all, once you have a chance to build rapport with someone, demonstrate your expertise and understanding of their problems, and tell them about your product or service, you can be well on the way to starting that customer relationship.


That’s what ‘Facebook Live’ can do

They give you a chance to connect with your target market in a way that feels like you’re just chatting — all the while, letting you market your business and get people interested in your products and services.


How can you make the most of your Live session? Follow this simple seven-step process:  

1. Pick something you love talking about (in the context of your business, of course.)


2. Spent 5 – 10 minutes preparing the framework of the Live session.

You don’t just want to get on camera and ramble. That’s stressful for you and boring to your viewers. So before you ever get on, make sure you determine:


— Your goal for the session. What do you want to give your viewers?

— The required behaviours to achieve success. Think easy, first step actions to get them started.

— Examples of things they’re already doing that are similar to those first steps. This helps people realise that they can actually do what you’re suggesting.

— Any other essential information they need to get a great result.


3. Now that you have the flow of the session, make any notes you need to ensure that you deliver the right content. Keep them close during your Live, but don’t read directly from them. Remember, this should be conversational.


4. Get yourself ready 10 minutes before kick off. For me, this includes cleaning my phone lens, putting my phone on a tripod so it’s at eye level, attaching an external mic so the sound is good, and having a glass of water. Your process might look slightly different — do whatever you need to get ready.


5. Keep it short. No one really has the time or attention span for a super long talk — most likely you included! So take the pressure off and choose a short, doable timing for your sessions. I keep mine to 10 minutes so they’re digestible, but choose what works for you and stick with it.


6. Answer all questions either while you’re live or in the comments below afterwards as quickly as you can. The whole point of going live is to provide a chance for your customers to interact with you, so interact!


7. Be warm, approachable, and friendly. Remember, rapport is the fairy dust of sales — and having a live video conversation with your target market is the next best thing to connecting with them in real life! Take this chance to show off your expertise, credibility, and personality.


Remember to promote your Facebook Live beforehand…and share it on your social networks afterwards. You can also download your video and put it on YouTube. They really are a great marketing tool.

And there you have it — it really is as easy as that. So if you’ve been holding back, give Facebook Live a try. Your customers will love the chance to connect with you, and you’ll have a whole new platform to arouse interest – and sell from.

Until next time,

Leigh xx


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