When’s the last time you updated your testimonials?

Testimonials are incredibly valuable social proof for your business -- are you making the most of them?

26th May 2015Leigh Ashton

“When you say something about yourself it’s bragging. When other people say it about you – it’s proof!” – Jeffrey Gitomer


Be honest … how good are you about collecting testimonials from your happy customers?


If you’re great at it, then well done, keep it up!


But know that you’re in the minority — many people just never get around to it, are a little awkward and nervous when they do ask, or don’t do anything with them once they’ve got them.

This is such a shame, because testimonials are one of the very best ways to provide social proof to your potential customers and make your sales easier. So no more putting it off!


It doesn’t have to be awkward— just remember:


1) You’ve got to actually ASK! Even your happiest customers will need a friendly prompt.


2) Make up a customer feedback form on Google forms or something similar that makes it really easy to gather juicy quotes


Make sure you have a have a tick box that asks if you can use their quotes in public. Then make this part of your project closing process and send it out with a quick email telling them what a great time you had working with them. Or if you’re working primarily with products, then schedule an email about a week after they get the product asking them for feedback. That way you’re getting a steady stream of positive feedback.


3) If you’re going to be quoting someone exactly, then double check you have permission to use the quote before you put it up.


4) Never make up testimonials!


Let’s be honest, if you’re in the position where you don’t have any positive testimonials, then you’ve got a serious problem with your business model that a few fake quotes won’t fix!


5) Make sure you include the name of the person who’s giving you the testimonial.


Even better, get a picture. And link to their site or social media profiles: it’s a nice way to raise their profile, and it gives the testimonials even more weight.


6) Try to get a testimonial that reassures potential clients about your product or service.


For instance, “I was worried at first about the price, but I bought it anyway, and I’m so glad I did — this is fantastic value for money!”


7) Don’t take it all so seriously — capture off the cuff remarks.


The next time someone says something nice about your product or service, just ask them “Hey, can I quote you on that?” Then write it up, shoot them an email to confirm that they’re OK with you using it, and there you go — another wonderful testimonial!


8) Try to get it on video.


Video testimonials are incredibly powerful, and there’s really no excuse nowadays. It doesn’t have to be the longest, most polished video in the world — just take a quick one minute video on your smartphone or computer.


9) Never think you’re too late to get a testimonial.


Sometimes the testimonials you get a few months down the road can be even better than instant ones, since you can show that people are satisfied and benefiting from your products or services longterm. later testimonials can be even more powerful.




All the glowing testimonials in the world are useless if they’re just sitting in a folder. You’ve actually got to use them. So don’t be shy, put them on your website, your brochures, your social media, at the bottom of emails…wherever you like!


Next steps


Ask at least one person for a testimonial this week — or if you’re all caught up on them (well done, you!) then make your feedback form.


Leigh x

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