Think Chocolate Cake And Boost Your Sales

Always raving about food? Find out how to use that passion to increase your sales!

7th December 2017Leigh Ashton
boost your sales

You’ve probably had a conversation just like this:

“Have you been to that new place down the road? The chocolate cake is to die for.”

“Yeah? Better than that one we had at your birthday party?”

“Oh yeah. It’s huge — easily enough for three to share — four layers of sponge and then they put this gooey salted caramel stuff in between each layer. It’s amazing. Oh, and then they cover the whole thing in the thickest icing and they decorate it with massive chunks of caramel chocolate bars. They serve it with this stunning caramel fudge ice cream too. All homemade, right in their own kitchen. Really good value too, especially considering how good it tastes.” 

Neither of you were even hungry before this conversation started. You’re both salivating now! And wondering whether you have time to nip out and get some of this glorious cake at lunchtime…

Admittedly, cake is always an easy sell but just think about what made your recommendation so effective. Look at the detail you went into and the adjectives you used. Imagine how your voice sounded, how animated you were when you were talking. Anyone listening to you would be compelled to investigate this magical cake for themselves.


How can you translate this into your sales efforts?

The devil is in the details. Consider the last time you recommended a film to a friend. You might have said the plot was good or that such-and-such was great in the lead role but chances are, you didn’t go into too much detail. 

Compare that to the above chat about chocolate cake. Every element of the cake was discussed in detail, including how it was served, where it was made and what great value it was. I bet you can picture that cake right now, the anticipation you’re feeling as you pick up your fork and get ready to take the first, indulgent bite. I bet your stomach is starting to growl! 

This is what you need to do in every sales pitch. Paint a picture for your prospects, use lots of great description to really help your customers imagine themselves using — and loving — your product.


Don’t curb your enthusiasm (too much)

Take yourself back to the last food or restaurant recommendation you passed on. You knew that the person you were talking to would absolutely love the menu. You were dying to pass on the info. You wanted to help them out and, of course, you wanted to be the person who brought the amazing nachos/chocolate cake/craft beer into their life. Your excitement was obvious from your tone of voice, your body language and the sparkle in your eye. 

This is what you should try to emulate when you make your next sales pitch. You want your excitement about your product to be so infectious, and your sales meeting so enjoyable, that your prospect can’t help but be intrigued. 

Start delivering your sales pitches as you would deliver a review of your favourite chocolate cake and watch as your prospects pick up their forks, ready to take a bite!


Before you go…

A small word of warning: be careful your newfound enthusiasm doesn’t run away with you. It’s important to get the balance just right. (More on how to do that here.

Until next time,

Leigh xx


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