The 3 Types Of Champion Sales Phobics

How to take your avoidance of sales to truly epic levels!

13th September 2016Leigh Ashton
sales phobics

Let’s be honest. If avoiding sales was an Olympic level sport, you’d take home the gold every time. You know you need to sell, but as soon as “sales hour” comes up in your diary (marked in red this time so you know you’re serious!) … you find that you’d rather do almost anything else.


It’s really amazing the lengths people will go to avoid doing sales activities. For instance, you’ve got:


The planning procrastinator

The planning procrastinator elevates procrastinating on sales to an art form. By stuffing their diary so full of everything (anything) else so they simply won’t have time to sell, they neatly sidestep selling altogether. Any spare moment is quickly hoovered up by ever-so-important activities like calling people up for a chat, checking out what stationery they might need in the next 6 months, checking people’s Facebook posts and endlessly scrolling through Twitter in the name of “research” … the list goes on and on.


Most likely to say: “I would love to sell, but I’m just so busy!”


The inbox zero addict

Often starting with the stated intention to “check up on leads”, the inbox zero addict will disappear into their email cave (known professionally as “the black hole”), settle down with a cuppa, and take a leisurely read through every single email in there, from their granny’s latest extended family update to that weird spam email, “just in case it got misfiled”. They get the instant gratification of responding to every single email, labelling them appropriately, filing them in the correct folder … and avoiding any sales activity!


Most likely to say: “Do you know, I was going to do some sales activities … but I just got caught up in my inbox! Maybe tomorrow.”

The customer service cost-benefit martyr

This person is absolutely brilliant at customer service — to the point where they’ll happily lose time, money, and sanity doing it. A cost-benefit analysis never comes into it, even in the face of massive scope creep and totally loony customer requests. They’re sure that they’ll be able to keep the customers loyal if their service is second to none, and if they never, ever talk about money with them, because then they might get upset!


Most likely to say: “The customer is always right, right?


If any of these world class sales phobics sound a bit too familiar, then we urge you to seek help from Sasudi urgently so that you can put your awesome talents to much better use … like increasing your sales! 🙂


Until next time,

Leigh xx

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