Today: Take Responsibility; Make A Choice; Take Action!

Don’t let others create your future…take action and decide for yourself!

8th June 2017Leigh Ashton
take action

If you’re over 18 years old and a UK citizen then today is a day of choice and decision. You have the right to vote for your candidate of choice in the General Election.

Before you go thinking ‘oh no…not more politics’ and switch off, I’ll quickly tell you that it’s not what we’re exploring today.


Your choices create your destiny

I have a belief that you create everything in your life by the actions you choose to take and the actions you choose not to take. I don’t believe that people choose to be in a bad place…they are just there as a result of the decisions they have made previously. This is true for everything in life.

Think about it…when something bad happens in your life do you blame someone else or something else…or do you take responsibility for where you are. My first question to myself when thing happen in my life that I’m not happy with is, “What did I do that contributed to me being here?” It’s a very introspective question and puts me firmly in the RESPONSIBILITY seat. It also stops me being a victim and causes me to spring into action to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time.


Don’t complain…decide!

I hear so many people sharing their view about how awful our politicians are and yet they don’t do the very thing that could make a difference to who governs them. I’d like to bet that this isn’t the only area in their lives where they do this. If you have a pattern of not making a choice or not voting in an election, it’s quite likely that you’re doing this elsewhere too. Maybe it’s your sales, or health, or family or finances…or maybe all of them!

This is a pattern that you need to address if you want to create the things you want in your life. So, what can you do about it?


Take responsibility, take action

Firstly, you need to decide that you’re going to take responsibility for what happens…and then you need to take ACTION. Yes…it’s the A word…nothing happens without it. Not just any action. A considered action where you think about the pros and cons of your decision. What would happen if you did? What would happen if you didn’t? What wouldn’t happen if you did? What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t?

When answering these questions, it’s really important to come from your heart as well as your head. Especially important when there are so many opposing views. Tap into what you want and what you don’t want…not what others want or don’t want for you…not what’s popular or what you’ve done in the past. It’s your choice so be sure to choose something that will give you joy.


Keep flexible

Once decided, your choice and actions mean that you are a part of what happens going forward. Remember too, that you can take action at any time to change your path in the future. Nothing is cast in stone. The most important thing is that you take responsibility, make a choice and take action!

If you’ve been given the choice to vote today then take responsibility to exercise your right to choose the future you want in the UK. Even if your choice has little chance of winning your vote is crucial in making your mark and showing the world what you truly stand for.

Best wishes,

Leigh xx


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