Stay Motivated With A Sales Soul Mate

Sales success never happens in isolation. If you’ve been struggling, try getting someone else in the game!

10th August 2017Leigh Ashton
sales soul mate

So you already know that your mindset is the foundation of sales, and that keeping yourself in a positive state will make it a thousand times easier to succeed with your sales.

That being said, I’m guessing that you also know that it’s not always easy keep things positive.

From something as small as a client call that doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped to the big life things like personal tragedies, it’s not always easy to keep your mindset strong … which is why I always recommend getting a sales soul mate.


What’s a sales soul mate?

It’s someone who puts you in a good mood every time you see or hear them. Your sales soul mate could be a true-to-life friend and colleague or it could be a famous salesperson with a podcast and vlog. Whoever it is, it needs to be someone that makes you feel inspired, hopeful, like the best version of yourself whenever you think of them.


Of course, it doesn’t stop there

Inspiration is just the beginning — and if you never go further than that, then fair enough. Maybe all you need is a little boost! But on those days where things do go truly pear-shaped, you can also use your sales soul mate to figure out what to do next.

Start by identifying the characteristics about them that you really admire, and think about how you can start to personify them too. Imagine what they do during the day. What do they have on their to-do list? How about their play list? Mirror what has brought your hero success and soon you will find your own brand of success.


As you build your confidence, become your own sales soul mate

Focus on making choices and decisions each day that will improve your mindset and your sales.

Some ideas to improve your mindset include:

  • A vision board that you have posted on your phone or computer.
  • Food or drink that makes you feel good and puts you in a great mood.
  • Workout before heading to work. A half-hour or hour at the gym can relieve stress so that you’re in a good mood before you hit those sales goals.
  • Weekly motivation like our #MondaySales event in the Sasudi Facebook group, so you can set yourself up for a great day and week.

Your sales soul mate can inspire you to meet your sales goals and that’s great — but the internal motivation you can develop by keeping them top of mind is even better. And who knows, before long you might become just so successful that you’re someone else’s sales soul mate…

Until next time,

Leigh xx


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2 Responses to “Stay Motivated With A Sales Soul Mate”

  1. Emmanuel Abrompah

    This is a wonderful piece. I have a meeting with my sales team, and I will definately incorporate some of these points into our discussion. How timely! Thanks so much Leigh

  2. Leigh Ashton

    You’re very welcome Emmanuel. Would love to know how it goes so do let me know 🙂


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