How To Spice Up A Mundane Sales Task

Bored of the same old sales routines? We have an unusual solution!

28th September 2017Leigh Ashton
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In previous blog posts, we’ve explored why you might be putting off your sales tasks. We’ve looked at fear of failure and fear of rejection. But, what if your reluctance isn’t down to nerves and anxiety?


What if it’s plain old boredom?

Are you sick of the same old routine, the same email pitches, and the same phone calls? Do you wish you could bring some fun to your sales routines?

It’s time to spice things up! It’s time to fire up your imagination and turn your next sales call into a mini adventure. Okay, we know that sounds a bit off the wall, but seriously, give it a try.

Think of your favourite Hollywood action movie or TV series and cast yourself as the hero. Well, no one wants to be the supporting act…now, you are the hero and the villain of the piece is none other than your sales task. How would you, as the hero, tackle this task to complete the mission?

For example, if you’re a car salesperson, trying to sell a new vehicle to a customer, imagine that your customer is the damsel (or dude) in distress — and only you can save them.


What techniques (your “super powers”) will you use to help your customer get what they need? How are you going to save the day?

Alternatively, if Hollywood plots aren’t really your thing, why not try a bit of role-play instead? Think of someone you admire — it could be Batman for his witty banter or it could be Mark Zuckerberg for his business success — and get into character. Of course, we’re not advocating putting on a fake accent or anything, but try to channel whatever characteristic it is that you admire about your chosen idol.

Think of how they would hold themselves, the words they might use, how they would handle the situation. Not only will you find your sales activities far more enjoyable, you might even find that your ‘borrowed’ confidence and attitude help you close more sales!

Make sales fun again by putting yourself in an imaginary adventure and conquering your next sales task.

If you fancy even more superhero inspiration, get help channeling your sales heroes here!

Until next time,

Leigh xx


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