The Sasudi Story

Once upon a time there was a small business owner that wanted more sales.

They loved what they did but really struggled when it came to the selling bit.

They would convince themselves that they didn’t have the time... Or they didn’t have the necessary skills.

Leigh Ashton
Jonathan Mills

They tried ways to get better at selling but nothing worked...

...and eventually they lost confidence in their ability to sell. In the end they avoided selling altogether because they simply didn’t like doing it.

Every day we came across small businesses that were struggling in this way. Worse still, even though they were brilliant at what they did, many were close to going out of business, purely because they hadn’t mastered how to sell.

Behind each failing or struggling business was the business owner...experiencing all these challenges, the emotions, the sense of failure, the guilt and shame. Not to mention the effect on their and emotional.

Leigh Ashton and Jonathan Mills
Sasudi Founders

Since 1995 we’ve been helping small businesses embrace, enjoy and become great at sales.

If we’ve had one ongoing frustration it’s been that we haven’t been able to help as many businesses as we’d like and quickly enough! One day we had a vision.

A vision of how we could help thousands of small businesses become better at selling – and love every minute of it!

A vision of how we could share everything we know about sales; the knowledge we’ve acquired; the sales techniques we know work; the materials and resources that we love.

And a vision of how we could make this affordable to EVERY small business.

Because of that vision, Sasudi was born.

Why Sasudi? After spending years working with small businesses and working closely with our focus groups, the words that kept getting repeated were... we want more Sales, Support and Direction.

Everything a small business needs to be great at selling... in one place!

We wanted to create an integration of sales training, process, management and direction that make sales easy.


A place where business owners can learn sales techniques by watching ‘how to’ videos, develop skills by completing training exercises, download proven tools and templates, upload action plans, get a boost when they’re feeling unresourceful, manage their sales funnel, create email marketing and track responses, connect with other small businesses…


In fact everything a small business needs to be great at selling…in one place! Never before had all this been available on one platform!


Because of that dream we worked tirelessly with really talented and inspiring people to bring you Sasudi.

Sasudi is finally here…
...and we're delighted to share it with you.

Leigh Ashton and Jonathan Mills
Sasudi Founders