Sales techniques: How to turn a no to a maybe and then a yes

Are you spending time with clients whom you think you have a brilliant relationship with but for some reason the sale falls through in the last few moments?

26th February 2015Leigh Ashton
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Are you spending time with clients whom you think you have a brilliant relationship with, you’ve built rapport and given them countless reasons for them to buy into you and your business, but for some reason the sale falls through in the last few moments? I bet you’re thinking “All that hard work for nothing!”, or ‘What is wrong with my sales techniques?!”

But I don’t think you should see it like that. There’s a way to turn around a no, pretty easily in fact. All you need to do is ask these three very simple questions, when you first hear a no.

Before you ask these though, I would ask yourself if you think you’ve built a good rapport with your prospect. If there’s any uncertainty, this won’t work, and perhaps you need to work on your rapport building sales techniques in the next sales meeting to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you do feel like you’ve built great rapport, then plough on and at the end of your conversation ask these three questions, in order.


On a scale from 1 to 10 – 1 meaning “it’s over…don’t darken our door again” and 10

meaning “we want you to start straight away”…where would you say we are?

A note: swap ‘say’ for ‘think’, ‘feel’, or ‘see’ depending on their communication preferences.

Then…SHUT UP! This is critical to ensure you give the silence that allows your contact to think. Be patient. It could take a while.

They will give you a number out of ten, but don’t get too attached to it. This is just the starting place for your technique. The most important golden nugget is their response to the next question.


What would need to happen for us to get to a 10?

Again… SHUT UP! Give them more time to think and respond.

The number they give you now will indicate how big the gap is between a no and a yes. You now know how close you are to sealing the deal.

If you are able to resolve the gap immediately you’ll be able to close the deal there and then.

Some answers will alert you that these prospects are unlikely to ever buy, or perhaps what they need to get to a ten is just outside of your resources. Disappointing yes, but it’s good to know there and then not several weeks and many follow ups later.


Lastly ask ‘What would you like me to do next?’

With any luck the answer to this last questions will be a chance for all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together. They will explain the next course of action, and usually they will be talking in a way as if you are already onboard. Psychologically, asking this question starts to get the prospect to think of you as already part of their life and business. This will enter their subconscious and hold massive benefit to you.


Stick or twist?

Make a decision as to whether the course of action suggested by them is something that you can do. Is it within your means and resources? If so, agree on the next course of action and maintain your control by agreeing when you will get back to them.


These three very simple questions will dramatically affect your sales results and can easily turn around a no. Remember – it’s as much about making sure that they are the right client for you as you are for them, so if what they need to bridge the gap is outside of your resources don’t bend over backwards. You will only kick yourself for it later. As I said before, it’s better to know at the time than after weeks of lost time following up a sale that will never happen.

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