What Sales Actions Should You Take This Week?

How do you decide which sales actions to focus on? Use this three step process...

12th July 2016Leigh Ashton
sales actions

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down at your desk, ready to do your sales activities for the day…then you find yourself completely paralysed. Should you call that potential customer? Email those past customers for referrals? Work on a social media campaign to promote your services? Call up that prospect you haven’t heard from in a few weeks?

With so many things that you could be doing, how do you know where to start? I’ve been there myself — but over the years, I’ve worked out a three step system for figuring out the most effective thing to do.


Always prioritise IPA/FBI

No matter what you’ve got on your plate, you should always start with your IPA/FBI. What does that mean?

IPA stands for Income Producing Activities — those things on your to do list that are going to have a direct impact on your sales. So whilst thinking up a concept for your social media campaign is important, calling the customer is an IPA. Do you understand the difference?

FBI stands for Fastest Business Impact, a measurement of how fast an activity will have a meaningful, significant impact on your business.

So whenever you’re stuck, start out by figuring out what your IPAs are, and which of those is going to have the FBI. Then do that first.


Still not sure where to start? Ask yourself these three questions

Maybe you’re in a situation where your IPA and FBI aren’t all that clear. In that case, ask yourself these questions from my great mentor Mike Harris:


— “What am I trying to get done and why?”

Make sure that you come up with measurable, specific objectives, not just something like, “make more sales.”


— “What’s working and what’s not? What’s complete and what’s missing and essential?”

This will give you a good sense of where things stand now.


— “So what do I need to do next to get me closer to my objective?”

This should be pretty clear in light of your answers to question two. List out your actions, and then check them according to IPA/FBI.


Check in, then act

By this time you’ll have come up with a list of actions to take and prioritised them. Before you dive in, take a second to check in with yourself about how you’re feeling about taking these actions. Any resistance you’re feeling will get in the way of you following through, so make sure to identify it and shift it fast. (Help with this here.)

It sounds pretty simple … but you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to cut through the confusion this way, and how great an impact that clarity will have on your sales!


Until next time,

Leigh xx

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