How to Lose Your Phobia of Selling

Sales doesn't have to be scary -- you just need to reframe your thinking a bit.

17th September 2015Leigh Ashton
phobia of selling

Whenever I’m doing sales training workshops, I can usually immediately tell which people in the audience have a phobia of selling. They’ll sit there uncomfortably, waiting for me to tell them to get their 30 second pitch nailed down so they can start cold calling people.

The look of relief on their faces when I tell them that I’m not going to teach them how to be a salesperson is incredible! Maybe you’re the same way … so let’s tackle that phobia!


A FEAR of selling


If you have a phobia of selling, then more than likely, FEAR is getting in your way — False Evidence Appearing Real. This often comes down to your brain building on a belief you’ve picked up.

Your brain takes in so much information every second that there’s no way you could consciously process it. So a part of the brain called the reticular activating system filters that information based on your experience and beliefs, and draws your attention to things that fit in with that picture.

So if you have this engrained belief that selling is scary and uncomfortable, then guess what? Your brain will focus on evidence that supports that belief. The first step is to realise that all of that ‘evidence’ you have about sales might not be as true as you thought.




Next, re-frame the purpose and effects of selling in your mind. Maybe you’ve been thinking of selling as how you get other people’s money, or that horrible thing that you have to do to keep your business going. Of course you’re going to hate selling if you have this mindset!

Instead, think of selling as being your gateway to helping people. Because that’s really what it is — it’s just the process that lets you spread your good news and go on your mission to make the world a better place. What a shame it would be if your fear of selling stopped you from helping others!


Don’t sell, connect


So if you approach selling from that perspective, it’s not really ‘selling’ at all. It’s connecting with people that you know you can help. This takes a huge amount of pressure off of you during the sales process because you don’t have to focus on selling right at the beginning. Instead, you can focus on building awareness and connections with people — much less scary!


That being said…


You can’t take this as an excuse to not sell at all. While you definitely don’t have to do a bunch of cold calls or ‘power hours’, you do have to have good marketing and social media strategies to build awareness of you and your business. So no hiding away!




Don’t let your FEAR get in the way of you being able to help the people you want to help or make the impact you know you can. Focus on connecting, get some good sales strategies in place … and see how much easier it all becomes!


Until next time,


Leigh xx

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