Need More Customers? Get These 5 Basics Right First

Don’t even think about advanced strategies until you’ve nailed these fundamentals!

2nd February 2017Leigh Ashton
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You’ve got your website up. The branding is perfect. You’ve thought through your sales strategy, and you’ve even got a whole stable of blog posts ready to go. All well and good — your business seems like it’s ready to go. It’s just missing one thing…customers.


It’s really easy to get caught up in all the details of building your business, only to end up with a really nice business that has no customers. So how can you get people in the door?


No need to over-complicate it. Just keep it simple. Get these 5 things right and you’ll be well on your way!


  1. Get great at building rapport

I always like to say that rapport is like the fairy dust of sales. It’s just that powerful … and without it, it’s incredibly difficult to make a sale. So brush up on your rapport building techniques, and make sure that you use them whether you’re meeting with potential customers in person or speaking with them over the phone.


  1. Be enthusiastic!

There’s no way around it — if you’re not excited about what you’re selling, there’s no way that your potential customers are going to be excited about buying it. Now I understand that it can be hard to feel excited about your products and services if you’re really nervous or in a negative state when you sell. But if you can’t find a way to let that enthusiasm show through, you’re going to have a very hard time getting customers.


  1. Don’t “we” all over everyone

Nobody wants to get “we’d” on — but that’s just what many small business owners do when they sell. If you find yourself starting lots of sentences with “We do XYZ” or “We do that”, you’re turning people off. Luckily, there’s an easy fix: start using “You” sentences instead. This will make what you’re saying much more attractive to your potential customers, and it will help you think in terms of the benefits you can provide them — which is exactly how they need you to talk about your products and services. (More on this here.)


  1. Get social

Social media is such an important and under-used resource for small business owners. If you’re not on it, you’re missing a lot of opportunities to connect with your potential customers — and a really cheap way to raise awareness and interest in your business.


Just remember that building relationships with your potential customers on social media is just that: a process of building relationships. Don’t go around pitching all the time and expect to get good results. Instead, really focus on how you can be friendly with your potential customers, support them, and get to know them before you ever think about pitching to them.


  1. Follow up

Once you’ve made contact with a potential customer, always follow up afterwards. A lot of small business owners struggle with this. They think they’re bothering potential customers or just don’t know what to say — but really, following up with people is just good customer service. Not sure how to start? We walk you through it here.


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