Making Your Sales Conversations The Highlight of Their Day

People buy for many reasons — but it always starts with a feeling!

16th March 2017Leigh Ashton
sales conversations

You’re never going to find a sales blog that tells you to have lacklustre meetings with your customers — it’s just common sense that you make your sales meetings exciting and enjoyable. But it’s also very easy to read that, nod, and then for one reason or another, end up having sales meetings that are stressful, boring, and generally unenjoyable for everyone involved.


That’s why we always tell people that you shouldn’t just have good sales meetings — your interactions with your customers should be the highlight of their day

That might sound like a tall order, but it’s really just good customer service. A sales conversation should always make your prospective customer feel fabulous. It should give them a warm feeling inside as you build rapport, and they should feel like they’re in safe hands.


Here’s what this does not mean:

A lot of people read things like that and think that they need to show the customer that they’re in good hands by proving to them how great they are as a salesperson. So they start telling the customer how great the company is, about the number of awards it’s won, that there’s a six week waiting list, that the customer really won’t be able to find a better deal anywhere, etc. But all this does is make your customer feel sold to — and make you look like you don’t really care about them. (More on this here.)


Instead you should…

Really care about each and every potential customer, and make it a point to be sure that they know it. You can do this in all kinds of ways, from rapport building to getting a sense of their maps, but generally speaking, you should start out by asking great questions so you can find out about them, get them thinking, and eventually start identifying solution options.


But this only works when you really listen to all their responses and let those responses guide the flow of the conversation

You also need to have a genuine desire to really want to help them, and to care about them in the long term. It’s something you just can’t fake, no matter how good you are with rapport or how well you listen to them. The only way they can feel like you really care about them is if you do really care about them.


So how do you show that?

By remembering that sales is a conversation, not a lecture. (And certainly not a nuisance!) So when you’re meeting with potential customers, actually have a conversation. Talk about all that stuff that gets mentioned in passing during casual conversations, including their kids, their pets, their hobbies, etc. Anything that they happen to bring up, grab onto with both hands and be interested in finding out more. If they leave the conversation feeling really good, you’ve done well. And you’re more likely to have gained a new customer!


Above all, remember that people buy for many reasons — but it all starts with how you make them feel.


Until next time,


Leigh xx

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