Inspiring Your Selling

Sales success starts in your mind. To fully succeed at selling you need to be fully motivated and fully inspired too. How? With Sasudi’s Inspiration Zone, you can change of the way you feel about sales.

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What’s in the Inspiration Zone?

Helping you to fully succeed at selling
and to be fully motivated and fully inspired too.

Sales Inspiration Resources

Great sales start with a positive and inspired mind so charge up your thinking and attitude with daily visits to the Inspiration Zone.

You can access inspiring videos, quotes and images whenever you need a boost…whatever your mood, wherever you are!

Your Personal Inspiration

Building your inspiration bank is a great way to keep your thinking in the right place.

Your thinking is the starting point for great sales…so get thinking in a way that delivers you the sales you want.

Whenever you find something that particularly inspires you, click on the heart to add it to your favourites so that you can access it easily for a super quick boost.

In case of emergency

You know yourself better than anyone. You know what inspires you. You know what gets you down.

When you feel less than totally amazing there’s no need to feel like that for long.

Head for the Inspiration Zone for your own “Pick Me UP” remedies that can start to work for you immediately!

Feeling fabulous about selling!

Helping you to become brilliant at selling in a way that fits
with who you are so that you can really enjoy it too!

  1. Build powerful beliefs around your sales skills

    Don’t believe you can sell? Discover how to smash through those barriers and become super confident when developing your sales strategy

  2. Struggling for motivation?

    Not any more! We’ve put together some fantastic resources to help super-charge your motivation levels.


    Add in your own too, making for a fantastic combination of Sasudi’s suggestions and your personal favourites

  3. Get Inspired; Get Confident

    Crucial ingredients of the most successful sales people.


    You won’t go short of inspiration and confidence with Sasudi. Get to know what you need to do to keep on track

Making Sales Easy

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    I have updated my Sasudi targets and have hit all my targets during my free trial! I haven’t found anything better to keep me accountable AND give me help when I’m floundering! If you run your own business this is absolutely worth considering. Thank you for creating this BRILLIANT tool!
    Sally Hindmarch
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    I always expect IT Platforms to be complicated and it wasn’t at all (even for a technophobe like myself!) It was all a doddle, so simple and easy to use. Working through the sales dashboard has really made me think and set measurable targets. The learning zone has given me ideas too. The end result is that I am so motivated!
    Eda B
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    I was a “sales phobic” and now I can see how simple sales is and am now excited about creating the sales opportunities with my potential clients. This platform has made it so much more achievable, and there’s a lot of support in addition to the platform from the team. Thank you Sasudi
    Maeve Crawford
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    Even though it’s online…Sasudi is like having a person alongside me
    that gives me what I need to succeed!
    Ann-Marie Litchmore
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    Sasudi is a game changer in giving any small business immediate help to maximise sales at an affordable cost.
    Mike Harris, Entrepreneur and Sasudi Mentor