How to Increase Your Foot Traffic

If you’re having trouble getting people in the door, try these tips

19th May 2016Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills
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Recently a Sasudi user asked us a question that we thought was so good we had to share it with you on the blog. This user has a local home appliance store and was wondering how they could increase their foot traffic. This is a great question, because foot traffic is a really common concern among small business owners with a bricks and mortar business. Here’s our top four tips:


Use social media

Every business, whether online or bricks and mortar or some combination of the two, should have at least a Facebook page up by now — it’s just being professional. On that page, make sure you clearly list your opening times, then make it a point to regularly give people a reason to come into your store. You can do that by posting about offerings and events, as well as discount codes that can only be used in store.

Just one caveat: make sure you’re not only posting offers on your social media; that just teaches people to tune you out. So make sure you’re engaging with people, posting content that they care about, and only then posting the occasional promotional stuff.


Local advertising

It’s an old standard, but it’s a classic for a reason. Local advertising, like that from flyers, brochures, or postcards distributed to homes, can work really well for local businesses. Try to get a sense of what the customers in your local area would really benefit from, whether that’s a coupon, an offer of a sample they can pick up in store, or a free 15-minute consultation with someone in the store, and then offer it to them.


Events and open days

Open houses, parties, special lectures or demonstrations, evening events … these are all great for getting people in the door. You can keep the focus more general (as in, having an open house day every month), or you can align them with calendar events, for instance, holidays that are related to your business.

This is also a great chance to partner with people in your community to promote your business by offering up your venue for a class or a meeting space. Try to think of some groups that are related to your business; chances are they could use the space.

You can also try partnering with manufacturers of your products for Q&A sessions or live demos, particularly of smaller products.


Hand out discount vouchers at relevant events

When you’re at local events or events where a lot of your customers are, focus on networking and starting relationships, sure … but also hand out discount vouchers or offer codes that people can use in store. You’ve already done a lot of the work just by making a positive impression on them at the event, so don’t let it go to waste!

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