I Wish I Had…

There's a huge difference between wishes and goals; which one are you going to choose?

30th November 2017Leigh Ashton

How are you going to finish that sentence? 

A seven figure business? A big enough bonus to take yourself on a 5-star trip? A desk covered with awards and trophies? We all have our dreams, our goals, the things we wish for that keep us motivated. So how are you going to turn those wishes into reality?


Create a vision board

Vision boards are an amazing tool in your wish-fulfilment journey; they translate vague ideas into something real, something you can picture. 

Many of us wish we had more money but it’s not really about the £££ — sure rolling around on a bed of cash looks fun in the movies but our real desires go so much deeper. The real goal is buying a house big enough to accommodate the whole family for Sunday dinner; it’s being able to treat your other half to a luxury cruise or buying yourself a designer watch. Maybe it’s about changing your lifestyle, having the freedom to spend time with your family, or to spend long hours walking in the country with your dog. 

These are your real desires and being able to see them every time you need an extra dose of motivation will do wonders for turning your wishes into goals. For more ideas on how to set up your own vision board, check this out


Channel your competitive side

Your teachers were wrong: it’s not just about taking part. Whether we’re competing against others, or against ourselves, we want that win. That’s why athletes get up and start training before the rest of us have even opened our eyes. 

A little healthy competition can be a great motivator when you’re trying to turn your business dreams into reality. If you buddy up with a fellow small business owner and they tell you they have secured three new sales this week…well, you’re going to go for at least four new sales! Of course, now they will have to go for five. You’ve just created competition and you’ll both improve as a result. You’ll probably have great fun in the process too. 

However, not everyone thrives in such a competitive environment, in which case, it’s competition against yourself that will help you achieve your goals.


Focus on goals not wishes

It’s all about action. How many people play the “if I won the lottery…” game? And how many of them actually buy a ticket? How many people wish they were fitter while they hop in their car to drive to the shop that’s just down the road? 

Wishes without action will get you nowhere. As soon as you formulate a concrete action plan, you’ve started the process of turning your wishes into goals, hope into expectation. 

From there, it’s only a matter of time (and some effort, of course) until your wishes come true.

Until next time,

Leigh xx


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