How Your Beliefs Impact Your Sales

Do you believe that you “just can’t sell?” You’re probably right…at least as long as you have that belief!

2nd November 2017Leigh Ashton

Show of hands: raise your hand if you’ve ever said something like, “I’m not a salesperson!”, or “I just can’t pick up the phone”, or my personal favourite, “I just can’t sell!”

If you’re sitting there with your hand up, then it’s time for a quick coffee and sales training break.

Set aside whatever you’re doing and join me for just 10 minutes to learn what it really means when you say those things — and how your underlying beliefs impact your sales.



Until next time,

Leigh xx


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2 Responses to “How Your Beliefs Impact Your Sales”

  1. Colin Kirby

    Hi, Leigh,
    May I have a belief buster please?
    My beliefs still hold me captive. I used to believe I suffered with fear of rejection, but an email from a marketing consultant (Ian Brodie) made me realise my fear was more about “what will people think of me”.
    Maybe there’s a blog post in there!
    Best wishes

  2. Leigh Ashton

    HI Colin
    Well done on a number of counts…for your awareness of what your fear is really about…and for reaching out for the Negative Belief Buster.
    You’ll find it here:
    Please do get back to myself or Jonathan if you need any help.
    Best wishes 🙂


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