Sales Success: How To Keep Your Pipeline Strong

A healthy sales pipeline is key to a healthy business. Here’s how to keep yours flowing!

15th November 2016Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills
sales success

Some months, you’re full to capacity, barely able to keep up with the number of sales you’re making, while others are absolutely dead. Sound familiar? If so, you’ve probably got an issue with your sales pipeline.


Having a healthy sales pipeline with lots of potential buyers in it is crucial for steady sales — not to mention avoiding the dreaded feast and famine cycle. But how can you keep your pipeline flowing, or get it started again if it’s gone dry?


Start out by figuring out your conversion rate

If you don’t know already, calculate your conversion rate from lead/opportunity to sale. (In other words, how many opportunities do you need to close one sale, on average? Help with this here.)


Once you know that, you can calculate how many potential opportunities you need in your pipeline to generate the level of sales you want. That means that you don’t have to guess about how different months are going to play out. You can always know when you need to top up your pipeline and avoid unexpected dips in your sales.


Identify critical sales activities

There are so many things that you could do to generate sales. But you need to be able to focus on the activities that are going to give you the most pay-off, those activities that you MUST do to generate sales. This could be networking, blogging, speaking, events … the list is endless, and the key activities are going to be different in every business.


Set monthly goals

Once you’ve identified your critical sales activities, set a monthly goal for each one. So if you know that blogging is a huge sales activity for you, make it a priority to write 4 blogs a month. If it’s networking, then determine a set number of events you’re going to go to. If it’s speaking, figure out how many times you need to speak in a month. Then put these deadlines and the activities leading up to them in your diary so you’ll actually follow through on creating opportunities for your pipeline.


And follow up with people!

This is such an important thing to do, and one that so many people just don’t! It’s not enough just to get people in your pipeline, you have to follow up with them! It’s absolutely critical for your sales, not to mention being great customer service. Feel like you’re being a nuisance? You’re not. Not sure what to say? Read this.




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