How To Give Your Customers The Best Possible Sales Experience

It’s easy to accidentally ruin a sales experience — but not if you follow these four steps...

24th August 2017Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills
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Close your eyes for a second and think back to a time when you had a really terrible sales experience. Maybe the salesperson was rude, maybe they didn’t listen to you, maybe they were even we-ing all over you! How did it make you feel? I’m guessing not great…

Now think of a time when you had a really great sales experience. The person you were talking to probably felt more like a friend than a salesperson, they really got you, and they took the time to listen to what you needed. And you felt great! Buying from them felt like a relief, the solution to a problem, not a situation where someone was just trying to get money out of you.

That’s what you want to happen with your customers every time, of course. But if you’re really honest, how often does that happen?


It’s surprisingly easy to absolutely unintentionally create a bad sales experience for your customers

Whether because you’re too nervous to really listen properly, you simply don’t know how to read their map, or you do something to mess up the rapport, you can tank a sales call in a matter of moments.

The solution? To get a good understanding of map reading, rapport, and courage — and to tap into those great emotions you had during your own great sales experience and replicate that for your customer.

Let’s break this down a little.


Start by mastering the TFAR cycle

Remember, your thoughts create your feelings, which lead to your actions, which produce your results. Keeping a close watch on your thoughts will allow you to direct the way that you begin the sales process. Start the process of working up to a sale with positive thoughts for the outcome and you’ll naturally be in a better place to create a good experience for the customer. (More on this here.)


And take the fear out of selling

If you can’t get into the right emotional state because you are afraid of selling, you have a few options to improve your mindset. You could banish your fear by reframing your negative thoughts to positive ones.

You might also try to focus on the task at hand to power through your phobia of selling. The bulk of this should ideally happen before you even interact with the customer!


Then focus on rapport

Once fear is gone from your mind, you can focus on connecting emotionally with the person you’re talking to. When you meet a customer offline, practice matching and mirroring their body language. On the phone, this would mean gauging their energy and mirroring their level of interest.


And don’t forget to read their maps!

Now that you’ve got all this great mental foundation built up for yourself and rapport built up with the customer, bring the sale home by demonstrating a good understanding of theirmap— that is, the mental landscape from which they’re approaching this sale. Don’t over complicate this; your customers will tell you everything you need to know about their maps if you know how to ask the right questions and really listen.


All relatively simple shifts in the selling process…and all incredibly effective!

There’s nothing worse than unintentionally giving someone a terrible sales experience — so make sure that you’ve got your head on straight and your emotional state sorted before you get on your next call. It can make all the difference in the world not only to your customers, but also to your sales.

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