How To Design Your 2018

What amazing things are you going to accomplish in the coming year?

28th December 2017Leigh Ashton
design your 2018

It’s almost here…2018 is just around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

I’ll admit, this is one of my favourite times of year. Besides the holidays, it’s almost the start of a new year, an as-of-yet blank slate for all your dreams and goals. It’s an exciting time as you wonder what’s going to happen next…but wouldn’t it be even better if you could KNOW what’s coming? 

OK, so there’s no way that you can truly, absolutely know what’s going to happen in the next year. But you have more control over what’s coming than you realise, as long as you think about what you want in 2018 and the actions you need to take to get it.


Try this process…

It’s something I do every year, and I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful for all kinds of aims, from financial, personal, social, business, and beyond. To get the best results, set aside some time in a quiet spot so that you can really get to the heart of what you want for 2018. Work through the questions in order, and remember that your initial response is normally the most useful one. 

One more thing — if you haven’t done the exercise I talked about in last week’s blog, I’d encourage you to do that first. Your answers will really help you with this exercise!


Ask Yourself:


What specifically do I want in 2018?

  • Define each area of your life that you want to focus on
  • For each area, state your 2018 goals using positive language. (For example, “I want XYZ” not “I don’t want XYZ”)
  • Take each goal through the following questions


The evidence 

  • What would be my evidence that I have achieved my goal?
  • How would I know if I were getting to my goal?
  • What would I be doing to get it?
  • What would I be seeing, hearing and feeling?
  • What would be a demonstration of my achievement?


The specifics 

  • Where do I want this goal?
  • Where do I not want this goal?
  • When do I want this goal?
  • When do I not want this goal?
  • With whom do I want this goal?
  • With whom do I not want this goal?


The actions

  • What resources can I activate to get to this goal?
  • What resources can I acquire to get to this goal?
  • What can I do right now?
  • What can I continue doing?
  • What do I need to stop doing?


The future

  • What will happen if I get this goal?
  • How will getting this goal affect other aspects of my life?
  • How does getting this goal benefit me?
  • What might I lose if it happens?


A few important reminders…

Asking yourself questions like these is a great start towards making your dream 2018 a reality…remember though…that you do have to follow through to give your goals the absolute best chance of being realised. 

1. Take action on them immediately and often

2. Tell a supportive friend, colleague, or mentor what your goals are 

3. Regularly update this person on your progress. This is absolutely key! Studies show that if you have a person to check in with, you’re about 60% likely to achieve your goals. But when you add in regular updates, that rises to 95%!

Happy planning…and have a great 2018!

Until next time,

Leigh xx


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