How do you increase sales? Stop making excuses!

It’s only natural to make excuses or place blame on the external world when things don’t succeed quite how we would have liked them to.

10th March 2015Leigh Ashton

Are you making excuses for your lack of sales?

I often get asked ‘How do you increase sales?’ Today I want to talk to you about a little something I like to call the valley of reasons and excuses. For many people these are the barriers that are really stopping them from gaining sales success.

Think about the last time something didn’t go your way. How did you assess the situation? If you talked about it to a friend did you say something along the lines of ‘It’s my fault. I didn’t communicate the benefits of the service well enough’’ or was it more like ‘it’s so annoying. She just didn’t want to hear anything I had to say.’ Be honest. We all do it.

It’s natural to make excuses or place blame on the external world when things don’t succeed quite how we would have liked them to. Perhaps there ‘wasn’t enough time, not enough money, they wouldn’t let me, they didn’t give me…’. You’re in the valley of reasons and excuses, where no matter how hard you try or what you do, it’s not going to have the effect you want because of someone or something else. These excuses become the mask you hide behind to explain your lack of results. It’s not your fault, poor you! You’re the victim.


Take responsibility

This may seem a little harsh but in order for you to achieve the great sales results you are after you really need to put yourself ‘at cause’ to be in control and change the outcome.

It’s actually really uncommon for people to accept that they may have something to do with a sales failure. How many times have you heard someone say it was their fault? It’s rare, but so insightful, and holds clues to how things can really be improved. If you’re blaming the external factors then you’ll never really try that hard because internally you’re telling yourself that someone or something may make it hard for you.


Take charge

Being at cause of an issue puts you in control. It doesn’t mean you are completely ignoring the challenges that may lie ahead (yes perhaps lack of time, lack of money, etc etc), but it’s acknowledging those factors and asking yourself...‘if all of that is true, then what action can I take to get me a step closer to where I want to be?

By putting yourself at cause you are freeing yourself from the limits of external factors or people and choosing to take control of the situation and think outside of the box. Whatever happens, start to ask yourself ‘what did I do to contribute to this happening?’

Try this out the next time something doesn’t go your way. I promise you it’s really quite liberating!

Do you find yourself making excuses? Now that you have read this are you able to identify when you are in the valley of reasons and excuses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Leigh x

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