Are You Good Enough To Succeed In Business? Here’s How You Find Out

So many business owners ask themselves over and over again whether they’re good enough to make it. Find out if you are with our simple process!

29th June 2017Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills
succeed in business

It wakes you up at night. Comes to you when you’re reviewing your monthly financials. Pops in the back of your mind as you’re pouring yourself a coffee.


“Am I good enough to make my business a success?”

Every small business owner asks themselves this question at least once…and many ask it over and over and over again. And rightly so: if you’re trying to make a living doing something, you want to be sure that you actually have the chops to make a go of it.


So let’s explore that

Since so many small business owners have brought this question up to us over the years (not to mention the fact that we’ve asked ourselves the same question from time to time), we decided to come up with a process to settle the question.

Here’s how you start: find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for at least 30 minutes. Grab a pen and paper, turn off the notifications on your phone, do whatever you need to do to get into a calm, clear headspace.


Now ask yourself: what have been the three biggest achievements in my life so far?

List them out, one after the other. And remember, we’re talking biggest achievements in your life, not just in your business. You can include things related to your family, related to your personal development, charity-orientated, etc — really it’s whatever you’re most proud of.


Once you have those, it’s time to do some exploring

Start with your life achievement number one. Think deeply…what attributes, skills, character traits, and qualities did you demonstrate or draw upon to produce that success? Really think about it, and don’t be shy — nobody has to look at this but you. Once you’ve done that, then repeat the process for achievements two and three.

If you’re really struggling with this, then think about it as the three biggest challenges you overcame in each situation, and then draw out your attributes and qualities from there.


Now look back over your list

By now, you should have a pretty impressive list of skills, traits, qualities, characteristics, and attributes that you’ve accessed, maybe from so deep inside of yourself that you didn’t even really realise they were there. All these things together helped you to secure those achievements or overcome those challenges — pretty impressive when you see it all together!


Guess what?

I’ve wager that those same qualities and attributes that you’ve just listed are the very same qualities and attributes you’ll need to succeed in your business!

So are you good enough? Damn right you are!

You’ve just proved that you’ve got the tools. Sure, you might need to acquire a little bit of technical knowledge here and there, but the underlying attributes that make a business success? You’ve had them all along.

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