Getting Sidetracked From Your Sales Activity? Try This To Keep Yourself On Track

Can you afford to neglect your sales activity? Here's how to keep yourself on track...

10th November 2017Leigh Ashton
sales activity

I get it — you didn’t start your business because you love sales. You started your business because you wanted to spend your time doing that thing you love: your core business activity. 

However, if you want to keep doing ‘your thing’, you need clients. And for that, consistent sales activity is key. 

If you keep getting sidetracked from putting your sales plan into action, you’ll love today’s ten minute video. I’ve broken down the steps I take to prioritise my tasks, space them out, and keep myself on track every day of the week. 

Watch it here now — I have a great recommendation for you at the end; you’ll love it!



Until next time,

Leigh xx


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