The Fastest Way To Derail Your Sales Results –– Getting Down In The Valley

Why taking responsibility for your sales results is the key to hitting those targets!

4th January 2018Leigh Ashton
derail your sales

Regular readers of the Sasudi blog will be familiar with “The Valley” — my name for that place you get stuck in when you give in to external reasons and excuses. It’s the place you’ll end up if you don’t take responsibility for your lack of sales results. 

We all end up in The Valley from time to time, so don’t beat yourself up. But, now you’ve recognised that that’s where you are, it’s down to you to decide whether you’re going to pitch your tent here or whether you’re going to do something about it. If you’re ready to take responsibility, ditch the excuses, and drag yourself out of The Valley and back towards the summit of great sales results, today’s video will be just the motivation you need.

Grab a pen and paper for this one and watch it here now: 



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Leigh xx


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3 Responses to “The Fastest Way To Derail Your Sales Results –– Getting Down In The Valley”

  1. Alan

    I was in the Valley, I lost my most important client and it was all eggs in one basket as I was doing so much for them. I did not know where to turn and even thought about giving it all up and taking a job. I found Sasudi’s site while searching the web and saw a video in which Leigh was talking about a valley. I took a piece of paper and drew a valley, and put my self at the bottom. l looked up and could not find a way up. It was high and daunting, but it put into perspective how things were at that time. I had to get to the top somehow. I kept the drawing and had faith. I worked and tried all I could to get out. I did, now I am back at the top with a good income and security and still have my business. That little drawing really helped me, it really did.

    I might one day drop down again, but I will always believe I can climb out. Once you get out of the valley, you somehow know it is achievable.

    I just wanted to leave my comments as sometimes in life you stumble on things when you really most need them.

    • Jonathan Mills

      Jonathan Mills

      Alan – That’s a great example of how changing your thinking can go on to have such a profound effect on the rest of your life 🙂

  2. Leigh

    Alan…it’s great to hear how you took back your power and got yourself out of The Valley in a really positive way.
    Well done for recognising that you were there…and taking the very creative steps to get yourself out.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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