How Expanding Your Comfort Zone Will Expand Your Business

Change never happens in a vacuum — by stepping out of your personal comfort zone, you make it possible for your business to grow!

9th August 2016Leigh Ashton
comfort zone

Nobody wants to have a business that’s stagnant — but so many people who say that they want to make great strides in their sales and business don’t do one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for growth: expand your personal comfort zone.


How does that connect to business?

Your ability to create and thrive with change is like a muscle. You have to strengthen it by using it regularly. It’s very easy to let yourself fall into ruts — whether in the form of habits that don’t really serve you any more, or in the form of mental processes that limit your problem solving and creativity. But you can always shake things up by stepping out of your comfort zone … and you’d be surprised at just how small a change in your routine it takes to open yourself up to new possibilities.


Start with your personal comfort zone

If it’s been a while since you branched out, start very small with things in your personal comfort zone. Anything different than your normal counts, whether it’s ordering your coffee from a different shop, doing a new class at the gym, striking up a conversation with a stranger, or even walking around the supermarket in the opposite direction. The whole point here is simply to create change in your daily life so you can get used to it and use it to shake up any ruts you may have fallen into.


Then move on to your business comfort zone

Once you’re used to stretching your personal comfort zone, start doing things to stretch your business comfort zone. Try going to a new networking event and speaking to people there that you’d normally pass by. Or try asking different questions when you’re talking with a potential customer. You can even try connecting and engaging with more people on social media.


And then when you’ve got that down…

… start all over again! That’s the great thing about your comfort zone, it will constantly expand the more you push it, so as soon as you start to get complacent, you know it’s time to find something else to push your boundaries.

So my challenge to you is to think of one small thing you can do differently today, and do it! It really can make a huge impact on your thinking, creativity, and business.


Until next time,

Leigh xx

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