Do You Have Excessive We-ing Syndrome?

Talking about yourself too much is a sure turnoff for your customers.

18th June 2015Leigh Ashton
excessive we-ing

Picture this.


You go to a party that your good friend is throwing at their house. It’s not very lively, but hello, who’s that over there, they look interesting. You decide to go over and introduce yourself. You ask them one question and then — bam!

They talk for 10 minutes without even taking a breath. They tell you everything about themselves, their history, their achievements, and they don’t ask you anything about yourself.


How does that make you feel? 


Pretty uninterested might be a kind way to put it. If you’re like me you’d probably devise a snappy reason to make yourself scarce or visit the restroom, and then you’d avoid them like the plague for the rest of the evening!


And yet how close is that to any of the networking events you might attend? I’ve been to events where within ten minutes I had four business cards thrust into my hand by people who didn’t know me, didn’t know about my current and future challenges but were only too willing to smother me with information about their company  … “We are this, we do this, we’re brilliant, we can do that for you” and so on.


This affliction is commonly known as ‘Excessive Weing’, and it seriously costs you sales.


Do you suffer from Excessive Weing? Maybe not in person, but what about in your pitches or your sales conversations. How about your ads? What about in your brochures, or even your emails? Oh yes, and when networking?


Most Weing offences take place on a company’s website. Check yours. Is the language something like “We’ve been established 125 years”, “We’re an award winning company”, “We’re the world’s leading xxx” “We do this” “We’re great at that”?


Sounding uncomfortably familiar?


If so, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that, if your website is stuffed with those types of “we” statements, then sadly, up to now you’ve been turning off a massive proportion of those who visit your website. The good news? Well, you’re here, you survived, think how much better it will be once you’ve sorted this!


Who are you boring?


The words you use and how you use them are telling your prospective customers where your focus is. So if you’re talking just about you and Weing everywhere, well guess what, you’re the boring one at the party that everyone avoids.


You might be thinking, “Well it’s our website, how are we supposed to promote our products and services”? Great question. You just need to think up new ways of demonstrating your expertise and value to the browser.


For instance…


Instead of “We’ve been established 15 years” … change to something like “You’ll benefit from 15 years of industry experience” (You, You’ll, Your are all acceptable)


Instead of “We’re an award winning company” …change to something like “You get the expertise of an award winning company”


Instead of “We’re the world’s leading xxxx” … change to something like “You’ll get the added benefit of working with the world’s leading xxx”


These are subtle but very crucial changes, so make them now! And don’t forget, your website isn’t the only place that should be we-free, so check your emails, pitches, presentations, etc too.


Remember, however you communicate with your potential customers, it’s not about you, it’s about THEM.


Until next time!


Leigh xx

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