Create A Vision Board And Multiply Your Sales

It’s important to set big sales goals — but it can be hard to keep yourself motivated as you work towards them. Here’s how to...

20th July 2017Leigh Ashton
vision board

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: great sales don’t stem from a strategy, a trick, or a template — they’re rooted in your mindset. And a big part of this is clarity. If you’re not sure what you’re aiming for, how are you supposed to know when you get it?

Easy enough to say … but much harder to keep in mind when you’re down in the day-to-day of running your business. That’s why it’s important to set yourself up for success in advance by creating things that remind you of your sales goals and help you keep your mindset high.


Enter the vision board

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of vision boarding before, but you might not realise just what a powerful tool it can be for your sales.

Let’s face it, those sales goals can seem really far away, especially if you’re just starting out. But having a clear picture of what you’re really working for can help keep your motivation going much better than some arbitrary number of sales or some income goal you want to reach.

For example, meeting a quarterly goal is great — but not only because you’ve succeeded. The real reason you care is because it means that you get to use that money you’ve made to upgrade your business, or to take a holiday with your family. Gathering pictures of the locale you’ll visit and the sights you’ll see on a vision board can keep you motivated throughout the quarter.


How do you make a vision board?

The great thing about a vision board is that it is yours alone, which means you get to create it however you like. And don’t feel like you have to go with the classic collage-style board. While your vision board can be as simple as a collage with pictures cut from a magazine, it can also be as elaborate as a three-dimensional shadow box with tangible representations of your goals. You can even go digital — online platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, make it easy to see what you want.


What should you put on it?

Similarly, what you put on it is up to you. After all, you want to find things that motivate you, not other people! Maybe you want to include the luxury products you’re going to purchase once you meet your sales goals. Or maybe that doesn’t inspire you at all, and you decide to use pictures of all the activities you want to do with your family. You don’t even have to have pictures if you don’t want to; you can go for inspiring sayings instead.


Where do I put it?

Anywhere you like, as long as you’ll actually look at it. You may want to stick with the classic method of having your vision board up on your office wall, but if you’re always on the go, that’s not so useful.

Get creative with it! You can keep it on the visor of your car, as your laptop background, or even on the lock screen of your phone. The important thing is to keep it in front of you, so you’re constantly giving yourself little subconscious reminders to stay motivated, and able to use it as one of the components in your rainy day pocket.


With the right motivation and mindset, you can create some serious sales success — and without it, you’re simply working against yourself

So try creating a vision board along with your next big sales goal and see just what a difference it makes. You can even share it with us in our Facebook group and get that little bit of extra support!

Until next time,

Leigh xx


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