How To Create A Business Planning Process That Actually Pays Off

Plan, plan, and plan some more!

11th January 2018Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills

Think about the stars of the business world. What is the secret of their success? Some of them have undeniable charisma; others had the benefit of a trust fund that allowed them to invest in their start-up. Some are naturally brilliant; others are grafters and swear by hard work, pure and simple. I would put money on them all having one vital thing in common, though: a solid business plan.


Fail to plan, plan to fail

There’s nothing worse than a cliché, but this one is just so apt, I couldn’t resist! As entrepreneurs, our heads are constantly swimming with ideas for how to progress our business. However, if you don’t sit down and work out a concrete plan for how to turn these ideas into reality, they’ll remain stuck in your head forever more.


Where are you heading?

That’s the first question you need to ask yourself. Where do you want to be in the next few years? What do you want your business to look like? Write down all the things you’d like to achieve, your personal definition of success, and anything else that springs to mind.


Set your goals 

Now you know your intended destination, you’ll find it much easier to figure out the goals you need to set you off in the right direction. Goal setting is an art form in itself but remember the basics — each goal should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed.


Set your sales goals 

Whether your overall business goal relates to a specific financial figure, number of new clients, or attracting a different calibre of client, an effective sales plan is the way to achieve it. 

You’ll need to consider who your target market is, how you’re going to attract them, and the problems they need help with. If your goal is to bring in an extra £10k this year, you’ll need to break that down into manageable figures. How many extra clients or projects will it take to hit that number? To find those extra clients, how many sales calls will you have to make each week? Once again, the secret of successful planning is to make your goals SMART. 

Success rarely happens by accident; it takes thought, it takes action, it takes planning. So what are you waiting for? Get going on that plan! (And remember, we’re always here to support you. Why not come share your goals in our Facebook group and let us cheer you on?)

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