Are You in the Comfort Zone or the Learning Zone?

Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't just good for your personal life -- it's critical for your sales!

3rd December 2015Leigh Ashton

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I have to say, it’s not one of my favourites — and here’s why. Give this video a watch:



It’s one of my favourite videos to pull out of my “rainy day pocket” when I’m feeling a bit down, because it always reminds me that whatever’s happening right now, as humans we have essentially endless potential to learn, make, and become, and create new things.


The most important thing to remember is…


Believe in yourself! It’s a cliche for a reason — if you don’t even allow for the possibility that you can learn something new, then is it any surprise when you don’t learn it?

The truth is, as humans we’re wired to learn constantly. You might have heard the old misunderstanding that adult brains are pretty much set in their patterns, but studies show that actually, your brain keeps developing and has the potential to learn new things throughout your entire life.

So ask yourself:


Are you in the comfort zone or the learning zone?


The only way to learn something new is to step outside of your comfort zone and into the “learning zone”. Now, I know that normally when you think about stepping out of your comfort zone, you think of something that’s uncomfortable. But actually, being in the learning zone can be a lot of fun: it’s that place where you’re challenged enough to learn, but you’re not so in over your head that you get overwhelmed.


Failure is feedback


That being said, you’re going to fail sometimes when you’re learning something new; it’s only natural. But the big difference lies in how you approach failure when you’re learning. Instead of seeing it as painful (because believe me, you have a choice), see it as feedback.

There’s a great Leonardo da Vinci quote that says “Experience does not ever err. It is only your judgment that errs in promising itself results which are not caused by your experiments.” So take failure for what it is — feedback that can help you get to the next stage.

Now I want to know … what’s that one thing that you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t ever started on? Learning a language, learning how to roller skate, or maybe even learning a new sales technique? 😉 Tell me below in the comments!


Until next time,

Leigh xx

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