8 Areas To Focus On When You Need More Leads

Trying to fill up that sales pipeline? Here’s what you should be paying attention to...

8th December 2016Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills

You can’t have sales without leads — so when your sales pipeline is dry, it’s tempting to throw yourself into doing anything, everything, just to get people in the pipeline. But that’s not the most effective way to go about it. Best case scenario, you get some leads that may or may not be warm. Worst case scenario, you spend a lot of energy and still don’t have leads. So how can you make lead generation worth your time? Focus on your CSAs.


What’s a CSA?

A CSA is a Critical Sales Activity: anything that either creates leads or gets the sale, from writing a proposal to picking up the phone for a sales call. This can include pretty much anything that happens after the initial conversation you have with your potential customer, because from there on out, it’s about facilitating a sale. (Important side note: this does not mean you need to “always be closing”. More on that here.) And of course, this applies not only to actually making sales, but getting leads in your pipeline too.

So, which CSAs should you be doing to generate leads? There are eight areas to focus on:




This includes both online networking, in-person networking at events, and even times when you’re out socially. You never know who you’re going to meet. Struggle with networking? Here’s some help.


Social media


Social media is a great way to connect with people, raise your profile, and generate leads. Focus on giving valuable content and posts that will engage potential buyers, both on your profiles and in any groups you have or are a part of.




You might think this one is played out — and while it’s true that everybody has a free download these days, most of them aren’t very high quality. If you can put out things that your ideal customers will find truly useful, like how-to’s, report, cheat sheets, and the like, you can make a great impression on your people and grow your list of contacts at the same time.




Along those same lines, email your list regularly with good stuff that helps them. This includes blogs, invitations to webinars and events, and offers, as well as entertaining stuff that makes them smile. As long as it’s valuable in some way to them, it’s fair game.




This is one of the easiest ways to generate high quality leads, but one that many people never get around to doing. Think about ways that you can encourage your happy customers to tell others that might benefit from what you do — and make it as easy as possible for them to do it! Help with this here.


Speaking at events


Speaking builds your profile, positions you as an expert, and grows your following. Make sure to pick events that attract your ideal customers, and be ready to network before and after you speak.


Partner up


Join forces with someone else to create a more powerful offering, or get them to email their list with your offering in exchange for an affiliate commission. Just make sure that the other person sells something that’s aligned to your offer but not in competition to the same ideal customer.




If you’ve got a little more of a budget, consider sponsoring an event that attracts your ideal customers. It’s great advertising, and it gives you a chance to connect with your potential customers in person.


Your next step? Think of one concrete action you could do for each of these areas … then do at least one of them this week!


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