7 Tell-Tale Signs You May Have A Fear of Selling

There are lots of things you might not even realise you’re doing that stem from being afraid of selling

7th June 2016Leigh Ashton
afraid of selling

At first glance, it seems like this would be the shortest blog post in the world: “Are you afraid when you sell? If yes, then you have a fear of selling. The end.”

After all, you would know if you had a fear of selling, right? Actually, maybe not … there are a lot of things you probably wouldn’t think about that can be a sign that you’re afraid of selling, including:


1. Avoiding sales activities generally

If you think you’re OK with selling, but you just can’t ever seem to get around to it, chances are that you’re not as on board with it as you think.


2. Thinking negative thoughts about your potential customers

Do you find yourself thinking that your potential customers are frustrating, idiots, or all out to reject you? You probably don’t really have a problem with them; it’s the idea of selling that you have a problem with.


3. Thinking negative thoughts about yourself

Similarly, if you secretly think that you’re terrible at connecting with people, that you’re just not confident enough, or that you’re such a screw up, it could be that you’re really having an issue with selling, and using these types of thoughts to avoid facing it. (More on how you can get to the bottom of these types of issues here.)


4. You blame external circumstances for your lack of sales action and results

Can’t make sales because the economy’s bad? Would sell, but there just aren’t any potential customers in your area? The weather got you too down to sell? Blaming your lack of sales action on external factors is a huge sign that actually, you’re probably afraid of sales.


5. You become completely tongue-tied when a potential customer asks you a challenging questions

It’s natural to get thrown by a tough question now and again. But if you find that you’re regularly disintegrating when a potential customer challenges you, then there’s likely a deeper problem there.


6. You don’t follow up on quotes/proposals/phone calls

Maybe you’re great at getting that first interaction with customers … but for some reason, you just never follow up. The same goes for making phone calls with potential customers. Unconsciously (or consciously) avoiding following up on sales activities often indicates a hidden fear.


7. You become awkward, anxious, or overwhelmed in a sales situation

This one’s pretty straightforward. If you’re normally pretty level-headed, but fall to pieces when it comes to sales calls, meetings, or other sales situations, then you haven’t suddenly changed into an awkward, anxious person — you’re just afraid of selling, which is a very solvable problem.


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Leigh xx

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