3 Common Mistakes People Make When Closing A Sale

Sales falling flat at the final hurdle? This is probably why…

14th July 2016Jonathan MillsJonathan Mills

There are few things more frustrating than doing everything right, only to have a sale slip through your fingers at the last second. Sometimes there’s nothing else you could have done … but if you find that you’re regularly struggling to secure the sale, chances are that you’re making at least one of these common ‘closing’ mistakes:


Mistake #1: Talking details instead of stories

Do you like to make sure that your potential customer has all the information about your product or service, so much so that you tend to lay out all the technical details right from the start?

That’s a great intention, but inundating people with technical details is a really good way to lose a sale

Before you can talk details, you need to get the person engaged with a story about the product or service. As Brian Tracy says, “People will remember a story about a product or service for years, but they will forget all the technical details in ten minutes.”

So always start off by getting your potential customer emotionally engaged with the product or service by telling a story about it or giving an example of how it’s worked really well for someone in a similar situation. Then, if they’re interested, you can get more into the technical details. (Not sure how to tell if they’re interested or not? Read this.)


Mistake #2: Not letting your enthusiasm show

This is one of those things that seems very obvious when you say it, but can be surprisingly easy to look less enthusiastic than you are when you’re actually at the closing stage. The truth is, if you’re not excited about your product or service, then your potential customers won’t be either — and people just aren’t that interested in buying things they’re not excited about.

So even if you’re feeling nervous or having a bad day, make sure your enthusiasm for the product still shows through, because it will absolutely make the difference between getting  and losing the sale. (Need to get into a positive state fast? Here’s how you do it.)


Mistake #3: Closing sales instead of opening relationships

When you’re inundated with advice like “Always be closing”, it’s easy to get so focused on the process of closing a sale that you forget that’s not the end goal. Closing one sale is great — but opening an ongoing relationship with a customer is much better. Shifting your perspective this way takes some of the pressure off of you since you’re not constantly having to obsess over closing, and it sets you up for a much more productive, long-term relationship with your customers.


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