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“Even though it’s online…Sasudi is like having a person alongside me that gives me what I need to succeed!”
Ann-Marie Litchmore

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I have updated my Sasudi targets and have hit all my targets during my free trial! I haven’t found anything better to keep me accountable AND give me help when I’m floundering! If you run your own business this is absolutely worth considering. Thank you for creating this BRILLIANT tool!
Sally Hindmarch


I always expect IT Platforms to be complicated and it wasn’t at all (even for a technophobe like myself!) It was all a doddle, so simple and easy to use. Working through the sales dashboard has really made me think and set measurable targets. The learning zone has given me ideas too.
The end result is that I am so motivated!
Eda B


I was a “sales phobic” and now I can see how simple sales is and am now excited about creating the sales opportunities with my potential clients. This platform has made it so much more achievable, and there’s a lot of support in addition to the platform from the team. Thank you Sasudi
Maeve Crawford


Even though it’s online…Sasudi is like having a person alongside me
that gives me what I need to succeed!
Ann-Marie Litchmore


Sasudi is a game changer in giving any small business immediate help
to maximise sales at an affordable cost.
Mike Harris, Entrepreneur and Sasudi Mentor

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